Totnes Attractions

Totnes has many attractions to occupy your time during your visit. Some that may even capture your imagination and leave you breathless, and some that might just get you that adrenaline rush you crave.

Time House Museum

time house museum

As much an art installation in itself, it’s set across 4 levels of an 18th century character building in the heart of Totnes town. The exhibition includes 25 individually themed installations designed to stimulate all the senses and film presentation areas to stimulate the mind.

Totnes Rare Breeds Farm

totnes rare breeds farm

Looking for a fantastic day out? This family-owned attraction is small enough to provide a friendly and personal service, with enough to keep visitors happy all day. What sets Totnes Rare Breeds apart is the opportunity to be within hugging range of all the animals. Most enclosures can be entered for close-up stroking, patting and cuddling. The Garden Café (outside the farm) offers made-to order dishes at reasonable prices, from indulgent snacks to tasty meals.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

berry pomeroy castle

Said to be one of the most haunted castles in England, this brooding 12th-century fortification was founded by the Pomeroy family who came to England with William the Conqueror. Lovely woodland walk surrounding the castle down to the lake and perfect picnic spot among the ruins. Child Friendly.

Dartington Hall Estate and Gardens

dartington hall estate and gardens

The Dartington Hall estate is a 1200 acre mix of farmland, woodland, commercial spaces and residential accommodation. It is home to 25 acres of Grade 2* listed gardens, which are open year round from dawn till dusk. With a rich sense of history and a host of delightful features – from a new bridge by artist Peter Randall Page to a sculpture by Henry Moore to 500 year old Spanish Chestnut trees – the gardens at Dartington are worth exploring all year round. The Dartington Hall Estate also houses 41 listed structures. Public access to some buildings may not be available but any that have received funding for restoration are accessible when possible, and many buildings can be visited if participating in an event.

Elizabethan House Museum

elizabethan house museum

The Totnes Elizabethan House Museum is a great way to spend a day out in Totnes, whatever the weather outside! What will you want to see? Our resident ghost? Our Elizabethan Herb garden? Our medieval kitchen? Our collection of medicines from the middle ages? Our spiral staircase made from a ship’s mast? Or is it Totnes’ illustrious son, Charles Babbage, who invented the first mechanical computer, whatever your interest in history is the Totnes Museum is a fascinating place to spend of few hours of your time.

Totnes Castle

totnes castle

Classic Norman motte and bailey castle, founded soon after the Conquest to overawe the Saxon town. A later shell-keep crowns its steep mound offering sweeping views across the rooftops to River Dart. Take a picnic under the shade of the ancient trees. Child friendly and dog friendly.

The Totnes Brewing Co

the totnes brewing co

The Totnes Brewing Co is situated at the bottom of Totnes Castle. As well as brewing their own craft beers right in the bar on a weekly basis they also stock a huge range of guest craft ales & ciders – local and international. If you love craft beer this is a must with “probably” the largest selection of beers and ciders in the area (usually over 100). The beer garden is a perfect spot from which to admire the Castle and the bar is warm and cosy at night – with an open fire on cold days. Food platters to go with beer are served during the holiday season and people are welcome to bring their own food when the kitchen is closed – they are dog friendly and have free wifi. Children welcome during the day and early evening.

Sharpham Wine And Cheese

sharpham wine and cheese

Classic English wines are produced at Sharpham vineyard as a result of a happy marriage of soil, climate and grape variety known as terroir, and nature has bestowed her gifts freely upon us here at Sharpham. In the winery, we employ both New World and traditional techniques to best develop our unique regional characteristics. Our tally of International Awards confirms our position as one of England’s foremost quality wine producers. We invite you to visit, sample, and make up your own minds about our fine English wine.

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